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Mission Statement
‘To remain the leading stockbroking firm in Malawi by growing the customer base
both locally and internationally through professional and excellence service delivery for the benefit of all stakeholders.’

Stockbrokers Malawi Limited (SML) is the biggest and leading stockbroking firm in Malawi having been established in 1994 as the first stockbroking company.

SML was instrumental in the establishment of the Malawi Stock Exchange and has been involved in virtually every listing on the Malawi Stock Exchange. SML is registered as a broker under the Securities Act, 2010, and, and is a member of the Malawi Stock Exchange.

SML is owned by reputable shareholders namely National Bank of Malawi Limited which owns 75% and Imara Capital Limited which owns the remaining 25%..

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TRADE INDEX - Quarterly Reviews

INDICES 31-DEC-09 30-SEP-09 30-JUN-09 31-MAR-09 31-DEC-08
MASI 5.154.95 4,952.21 4,952.09 4,981.01 6.074.46
DOMESTIC 4.087.19 3,941.28 3,934.94 3,953.98 521.59
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